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***If you are purchasing a course for a team member, you will need to make your purchase on the group account page***

The following are some answers to frequently asked questions when it comes to a single user purchase.

  • Can I purchase more than one course on this page if the courses are for me personally?
  • Can I purchase a course for another employee or team member?
  • What if I have two or more users that need to take courses?
  • Is there a certificate of completion?
  • Can I take the exam again if I fail?

Yes. You can make a single purchase for any course and also purchase any additional courses in the same transaction. For example: If you want to purchase the Basics of Fair Housing and also the Fair Housing and Student Living course, and both of these courses are for one individual, then you are on the correct page for purchasing.

Yes, you can.  However, if you are purchasing for another team member, you will need to make that purchase on the group account page.  

If you have two or more users, please visit our Group Account page. 

Yes. Once a user has passed the course, a certificate will be emailed to them automatically.  Their certificate will also be available on their user profile.

Yes. You will be able to take the exam again.